Affordable and powerful atmospheric plasma

1atm DBD Plasma Wand

The world most affordable 18W Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Wand.

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High Efficiency

Keep operating costs low with an overall efficiency at least 80%. Most power is directly transformed into a cold plasma.


Sapphire Surface

The plasma surface is coated with a Sapphire layer to ensure long life, thermal stability, and no impurities.


Portable Design

The LabPlasma wand is highly portable, weighing less than 600g, made of durable ABS plastic.


No external or noble gases required

The Plasma wand runs at atmospheric pressure and air. No external gas supply is required.

Activate PDMS and other polymers

The dielectric barrier discharge plasma generated is perfect for activating polymer surfaces.


Designed for desktop use

Our Plasma solutions are designed to run under any circumstance, in a lab, desktop, or industrial setting.

18W Power

Powerful plasma source that can be operated continuously without overheating issues.


Low Power Input

Our plasma wands are powered by a low DC voltage, making handheld operation safe.


12 Month Warranty

Our products come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty for any defects.

See it in action

18W Plasma Wand demonstration

Bespoke heads

Get a custom print head for your specific application

Get in touch to discuss your plasma needs.

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Plasma Wand Pricing

Our plasma wands are deisgned to be affordable and customizable to any industry.

18W Wand

  • 18W Sapphire Coated
  • Large emitting area
  • Medium Plasma Density
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18W Wand (High Density)

  • 18W Sapphire Coated
  • Medium emitting area
  • High Plasma Density
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18w Robotic Wand

  • 18W Sapphire Coated
  • Robotically operated
  • Maximum coverage: 80cmx80cm
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Frequently asked questions

Drop us a word if your questions isn't listed here. Well get to you within 24 hours

What is the shipping time?

Plasma wands have a 5 day lead time, plus shipping. Most customers in the United States will receive their wand within 10 working days.

Can I use it on metal?

The wand can be used near metals, however touching the plasma head can damage the head and ESD sensitive components.

How long does it take to make a custom head?

Custom plasma heads take around 14 working days to be desined and built. Custom heads are 3D printed, requiring extra care when handling.

How long to treat PDMS?

The plasma wand takes around 10 seconds to activate PDMS for microfluidics applications. The time required varies based on distance from plasma head, surface features, humidity, etc.

Is the plasma wand dangerous?

Yes, the plasma wand is a scientific equipment and proper care must be taken when operating the device. The plasma wand poses a fire, high voltage, UV, and Ozone poisoning risk.